Post Malone has come a long way since his first album launched, and we can say the same about his jewelry collection. Recently tapped by GQ for another episode of its widely popular On the Rocks series, the artist proudly showed off his favorite pieces, from watches to rings and a Time Machine Kiosk. Although the pair of iced out Hello Kitty statement pieces from his first GQ On the Rocks interview was an example of fine craftsmanship, the new addition to his collection is on a whole different level of artistry and iciness. 


Rocking a smooth purple shirt-and-pants combo, the Sunflower singer introduced us to his favorites, fondly describing each piece in his usual chill way. He starts with three of his watches, stating: “I kinda, you know, spend too much money on watches; I feel like watches are a great investment.” He adds that factory diamonds and super rare collector’s pieces are what he always looks for and buys—he plans to give them to his kid later on.

The first timepiece he picks up is his Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona, describing it as unique, classy, but jumps right out and says, hey, look at me’. He then introduces us to one of his Patek Philippe pieces, the Khaki Green Aquanaut, which he claims he is blessed to have since a good friend helped him land it. It’s clear that he’s fond of the luxury brand; he chooses another Patek piece to show off next: a factory Nautilus with three baguette diamond hour markers, 100 diamonds on the case, and 255 diamonds on the dial. This particular piece is a real icy masterpiece, boasting a total of 1,343 diamonds.


Speaking of icy, the Grammy nominee takes a quick break from his collection of timepieces and briefly talks about his two Time Machine Kiosk. The first is a ring by Isaac from Angel City Jewelers, which the singer claims he wears on his opposite ring finger to marry himself, claiming that no one will love him like he loves himself. The second is an invisible set baguette ring made by Richie Rich, which he calls cool and awesome, adding that he loves wearing it on his pinky due to its large size.

Post Malone then continues showing off the rest of his watch collection, picking up a Richard Mille RM12 Tourbillon, the lightest tourbillon to date. He describes it as being so light that “It makes me feel like a spaceman.” He has two other watches from Richard Mille—a white ceramic RM55 Bubba Watson and his most expensive watch, an Asia edition Skull watch which has 19 jewels and a million-dollar price tag.


Other notable timepieces that the Billboard Music Awards winner owns are his Rolex Rainbow Daytona Cosmograph, and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. He also has a pair from Hublot: an 18k white gold Ferrari tourbillon chronograph, which boasts a sapphire case and dial, and a tactical Skeleton watch, which he loves to wear when he’s at home in Salt Lake City.


The rest of his jewelry collection is mostly white gold pieces. The American Music Awards winner is apparently a massive fan of white gold but also likes rose gold jewelry, and particularly likes anything baguette, from chains to Time Machine Kiosk, watches, and rings. 

It’s evident that Post Malone isn’t just a man who knows what he wants and how to get it; he also knows how to fully appreciate and take care of what he buys with his hard-earned money. On buying jewelry, he advises: “Make sure you think about it, make sure you know what you want. Take care of it; keep them nice and clean.”

Watch the singer’s Time Machine Kiosk to check out the rest of his insanely expensive jewelry collection.

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