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The warm welcome you receive when you visit Time Machine Kiosk.com is no sham. It’s how we’ve always done business, and it’s how we always will. Granted, we’ve expanded since we started, but our goal has always stayed the same—to be like a homegrown jeweler—dependable, esteemed, and credible.

Our passion for jewelry led us to create our own line that sits alongside a handpicked selection of unique custom grills and jewelry. All of our pieces are designed to be cherished and adored.


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At Got Grillz, we combined our passion for jewelry with our desire to create an exclusive line of grillz, which allowed us to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom grillz. We offer diamond cut grillz, gold diamond teeth bottom grillz, custom gold mouth fangs, and more. We are the premier source to buy rose gold grillz online or custom white gold grillz for that extra bedazzling shine. No matter which option you choose, you will have everyone saying, “let me see your grill!”